Église Resurrection Church in Rigaud

Saint-Lazare Church Plant Newsletter #9

From the desk of Jonathan Camiré


With much prayer and discernment over the last few months, we are launching our weekly Sunday worship services on November 29th! We are very excited about this next step and are grateful for your participation in the process!

We will launch on the First Sunday of Advent, the first day of the Christian calendar year. In Deuteronomy 15-16, God gives the Israelites times of celebration to help them remember and rejoice in their salvation story as a community. The appointed times were meant to edify and establish God’s people in the faith, bearing witness to what the Lord had done. The Christian calendar serves the same purpose, inviting us to enter into and declare the story of Christ’s salvation for us. We will not make an idol out of this calendar, but we will use it to engage our hearts in the Christian story throughout the entire year. As the very first services of the church plant begin, we will be proclaiming in Quebec that Jesus, the king who came in meekness, will come again to reign eternally. Now is the time to celebrate his first coming and prepare with eagerness for his return.

We hope to meet in-person with the option of an online service. We have found a place in Rigaud where 25 people can easily gather for a service and respect government regulations. Please pray as we seek to identify a location in Saint-Lazare. We hoped from the beginning to start a Gospel-work in Saint-Lazare and later in Rigaud. Under the current circumstances, it looks as though the best way to proceed is to start services in both communities. As we diligently plan our way, the Lord will establish our steps! Please pray as we prepare to have a service in each community. Please also pray for wisdom as we determine what languages to use in the services.

We will begin these services with a series in the Gospel according to Luke. I will preach expository sermons aiming to connect our hearts and minds with the text. Luke wrote to Theophilus, who came from a pagan and skeptical context. As we open the Gospel according to Luke, we hope to invite Quebecers and Québecois to rediscover Jesus and the magnitude of his good news. 

Jonathan Camire


PRAYER: Here’s the link to our weekly Tuesday prayer meetings: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/86439048915?pwd=cHFRK0ZTVTNxa24xMmFWVjZJSzZQdz09 .

This week we will pray for our levels of government and culture.

MEET & GREET 2: Hear our vision, mission, stories, and key updates in our second meet & greet event, on November 14 at 10am (via ZOOM). You will have the chance to ask questions and share your thoughts on the church plant. Put it in your calendars and click the link to join us! https://us02web.zoom.us/j/81813414186?pwd=cjJ1aWZoeU5Tdk1DMlZ4dkF6NmJyQT09

LZR YOUNG ADULTS: We meet every Wednesday evening to study Genesis 1-3 and the book Tactics. If you know any young adults who might be interested, please connect them to us!

RE-IMAGINE FREEDOM: My friend and ANIC colleague Logan Gates is an apologist who will present an engaging online talk related to freedom and the workplace on November 11th at 1 pm. See link for more information: https://www.rzim.ca/fallseries?mc_cid=0f6fc0575b&mc_eid=324a637aad

GIVING: We are still looking for financial partners to help fund our church plant. If you are prayerfully considering to make a financial contribution, please visit https://www.saintlazare.ca/donate for more details!