Église Resurrection Church in Rigaud

Saint-Lazare Church Plant Newsletter #10

From the desk of Jonathan Camiré


As we announced last week, we are launching our weekly Sunday worship services on November 29th! We are very excited for this next step and are grateful for your participation in the process!

Our core team has voted this week on a name that will help rebrand our ministry. It will serve us well as one parish with different congregations (varying according to language and location). Our new "legal" name will be Église Resurrection Church. On the ground, this will translate to Resurrection Saint-Lazare and Résurrection Rigaud. I am excited for this new name as it is symbolic for our region: Jesus raised Lazarus from the dead in John 11! May it be a prophetic name as we call those in Saint-Lazare and Rigaud to turn and believe in our Lord Jesus Christ for the forgiveness of their sins and for the gift of eternal life!

Seeing that we will launch in just over two weeks, please pray with us for the following:

Locations: Please pray as we continue to search for a location in Saint-Lazare. If you have any leads that could help us, please let me know! Seeing that restrictions are getting tighter in various provinces, please also pray that the Lord would guide and provide in our decisions.

Online presence: With many people staying in their homes and with Christmas fast approaching, please pray that we will make the most of this opportunity so that we will see the Gospel reach and renew Christians and non-Christians through our online presence!

Connecting with neighbours and other non-Christians: How do you connect with your neighbors in this time? Have you had opportunities to share the Gospel in this time? Are you part of online community groups? We would love to hear your story!




MEET & GREET 2 (TOMORROW): Hear our vision, mission, stories, and key updates in our second meet & greet event, which will take place Saturday at 10am via ZOOM. You will have the chance to ask questions and share your thoughts on the church plant. https://us02web.zoom.us/j/81813414186?pwd=cjJ1aWZoeU5Tdk1DMlZ4dkF6NmJyQT09

PRAYER: Here’s the link to our weekly Tuesday prayer meetings at 7:30pm: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/86439048915?pwd=cHFRK0ZTVTNxa24xMmFWVjZJSzZQdz09 . This week we will pray for our church plant.

LZR YOUNG ADULTS: Pray for our young adults as we continue to meet every Wednesday evening to study Genesis 1-3 and the book Tactics. If you know any young adults who might be interested, please connect them to us!

RENEW arts + theology 'BEAUTY DURING COVID-19': How do we understand beauty during COVID-19? What hope does a Christian apologetic of beauty offer us and our world? Sign-up here (https://renew-arts.org/beauty-during-covid-19) and join this free conference on November 19 at 7pm! (P.S. I am a founding member of the RENEW ministry!)