Église Resurrection Church in Rigaud

When You Visit Us


We believe in filling our worship service with lively singing of God’s praises as an expression of our love for Jesus. We sing both old and new songs which are founded upon the truths of Scripture and which stir affections for the Lord. The Bible also teaches that God reciprocates by dwelling in the praises of his people and singing joyfully over his people, which is pretty awesome!


We hold to the importance of clearly, relevant, and applicable Biblical teaching of the whole Bible in light of the good news of Jesus. Most of our sermons are expository, which means we go through the Bible book by book. We occasionally make space for topical teaching or preaching through the lectionary during a particular season of the Christian calendar.


We seek to celebrate Holy Communion as frequently as possible. We baptize new believers and children of believers, as taught in the Bible and practiced in the historic Church. If parents do not wish their child to be baptized, we do a “thanksgiving” to God for the child instead.


We believe children are a blessing from the Lord and that they can best profit from worship when they learn and create at their level. As such, we provide supervised care for children (ages 5 and under) in our Sunday worship service during the sermon for a fun time of learning and creative activities.


We believe that the church is a family of people who have the deepest aspect of life in common with one another: faith in Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord. We love to meet, talk, and enjoy food and life together, following the example of Jesus. We usually stay for some time after our services to catch up with one another and get to know visitors. We also like to meet during the week to share life with all of its ups and downs.


We believe in the beauty and practicality of a Gospel-shaped Church calendar. It changes secular time into God’s time and invites us into the epic story of God’s redemption. The liturgy in worship structures our activities with wisdom and intentionality. It makes it easy for visitors to follow and it is theologically rich for seasoned Christians. The liturgy also teaches us to pray with the right belief and to believe what we pray (“Lex orandi, lex credendi”).


We believe in the power of prayer as taught by Jesus. You will find our worship services to be filled with freestyle and premeditated written prayer. We also meet on Tuesdays over Zoom to pray for one another, for our world, our politicians, our cities, God’s Church, and more. All are welcome to join us!


We believe in the importance of having sufficient parking space. Seeing that we meet at Collège Bourget, we can use their parking spots by the chapel where we gather to worship. In other words, you will not need to worry about parking if you plan to visit.