Église Resurrection Church in Rigaud
Why Bother With Church?
Who We Are
What We Believe
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Our History

Why bother with Church?

That’s a fair question. There are many things you could be doing on a Sunday morning (like sleeping in). Why bother coming to a meeting with people, most of whom you may not normally hang around during the week, singing songs you may not know?

The Bible has many things to say about what a church is, but one of the helpful explanations is that a church is meant to be a family. To be more precise, a family of God. And like most families, a church is not perfect. Families can be messy. So can a church.

But when a family comes together and its members love, support, and encourage one another, it’s a wonderful place to be. The church is no different. In the same way, as members of the church, we strive to love, support, and encourage one another in our journey of faith.

To the outside world, the church is also meant to be an embassy and each of its members an ambassador. Like an embassy, which represents a country, the church is the visible representation of God here on earth. When the world sees the church and its members, they should get a glimpse of the character of the God of the universe.

It is a wonderful privilege to belong to the family of God, and to be his representatives here on earth.

Who We Are

We are a community of local Christians who love God (Father, Son, and Holy Spirit), our cities, and our neighbours. We are not Christians because we believe we are "good people" or "better than the average person," but because Jesus is the best! He gives us peace with God. How? He heals our relationship with God our Creator and he gives us hope and meaning in life, both here and now. We gather to celebrate this reality in our lives and to encourage one another to live in light of God's grace. We are learning together to love God and to love our neighbours as ourselves, just like Jesus taught. We will always seek to be a humble, biblically faithful, Gospel-sharing, and Spirit-led church in our teaching, worship, administration, community life, and cultural engagement.

What We Believe

At the core of our beliefs is not "me" or "us", but Jesus' resurrection. It is the entryway into Christian belief and living. The Apostle Paul said "And if Christ has not been raised, your faith is futile and you are still in your sins" (1 Corinthians 15:17). Jesus was raised from the dead to defeat the power of sin and death over our lives. Because the resurrection is true, everything about life is different than what we previously have thought or imagined. The resurrection is historically verifiable and individually experienced once we put our trust in Jesus as our Saviour and Lord. Once Jesus is at the center of our lives, he begins to change everything about "me" and "us."

Anglicans have traditionally sought to protect and promote the historic Christian beliefs. Our framework of beliefs is found in the Book of Common Prayer (BCP). The 1662 BCP (with the Ordinal, Preface, and 39 Articles) is a document that reflects Reformation Anglican theology and is the doctrinal and liturgical standard of the Anglican Network in Canada. The heart-throb and hope of the reformers behind the BCP is to the "setting forth of God's honour and glory, and to the reducing of the people to a most perfect and godly living."

Prominent Anglican theological figures include J.I. Packer, Sam Allberry, John Stott, C.S. Lewis, J.C. Ryle, and William Wilberforce.

Our Services

Our services are Sunday mornings in beautiful Rigaud, Quebec. We meet in person at the chapel of Bourget College located at 65 rue Saint-Pierre.

We invite you to embody with us the story of the good news (Gospel) of Jesus Christ through hearing God's written Word, participating in the liturgy of the church, singing songs of praise to God, taking God's visible gifts of grace (the sacraments), and praying to God for our church, others, and our world.

There are three traditional services in the Book of Common Prayer: the Morning Prayer service, the Evening Prayer service, and the Communion (Lord's Supper or Eucharist) service.

Our History

We are a new congregation that will host its first service on November 29th, 2020, the first day of the Christian calendar. Rev. Jonathan Camiré and many people of St. Timothy's Anglican Bible Church (including key leaders such as Rev. Dan Endersen, Renaud Gagné, and Annie Heron) have partnered together to bring a local and bilingual Anglican Network expression in Vaudreuil-Soulanges. We are an Anglican church that is excited about Jesus!

Meet the Staff

Rev. Jonathan Camiré

Church Planter & Local Pastor
Rev. Jonathan Camiré is the pastor of Resurrection Rigaud Church. Jonathan previously served as pastor of youth, discipleship, and apologetics in Ottawa. He is also a graduate of Ryle Seminary, a founding member of RENEW arts and theology, and is an active musician. He is a grateful husband and a proud father.

Renaud Gagné

Lay reader & Communication Director
Renaud is a resident of Rigaud since 2019, has a real passion to reach out to his local community. He was commissioned to be lay reader in 2018 where he has been serving as a deputy warden. He lends his skills in web development and communication to the service of the church. He prays to see all of Christ, for all of life for all of Rigaud and Saint Lazare. He is a happy husband and father of a boy and a girl.

Anna-Marie Gagné

Worship Leader
Annie is a talented worship leader and pianist who completed her university degree in music and cultural antropology at Briercrest Christian College in Saskatchewan. She has a wide variety of experience ranging for choir directing to soloist performance. She is a proud wife and mother of two and she was born and raised in Rigaud,Qc.

Rev. Daniel Endresen

St-Timothy's Pastor & Rector
Rev. Daniel Endresen is the Rector of Saint-Timothy Anglican Bible Church in Pointe-Claire. He is also the rector for Saint-Lazare Bible Church during the establishment of the church plant.